Some of the Legends began performing before the Ghana Theater was established. There are performers who have respected the institution up to this point, and it is worth mentioning that it is currently at its pinnacle, with more than 50 films released each month. Today, we’ll look at the most complete list of living and deceased Legends.




Ebenezer Donkor, often known as Katawere, was a Ghanaian actor best remembered for his part in the Ghanaian television series Efiewura (1938–12 November 2016). Donkor has been an actor for almost thirty years, appearing in various dramatic television shows during the 1990s. He also appeared in more than twenty Kumawood films. Donkor died on November 14, 2016 at Opoku Ware Hospital in Cantonments, Accra, after suffering from an unspecified disease for the past two years.




Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, better known as Koo Fori on-screen, is one of the wealthy Ghanaian artists who does not flaunt his money on social media in order to catch the attention of the media. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been seen much on TV since leaving the famous local TV series “Efiewura” a few years ago, Koo Fori appears to be doing well for himself with the enterprises he is engaged with.




John Evans Kwadwo Bosompem (1935-2002), commonly known as Bob Santo or Santo, was a Ghanaian comedian. He appeared in films speaking Akan. He usually acted with his close compatriot, Judas. Contrary to popular belief, he smuggled cocaine before his death, but his close companion Judas refuted this.




The late John Evans Bosompem nicknamed Santo and Abusuapanin Judas were close friends, but the former’s death had an impact on Judas’ life and career. For several years, we have not seen Judas on our TVs, prompting the query, “Where Is He?”


While some are wondering where he is, we must forget that there was a guy who used to entertain us named Judas, also known as Abusuapanin Judas, Santo’s best friend and companion. He is currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, an American state. Judas, according to our source, is married to Ghanaian artist Tweneboah Koduah.




Akwasi Boadi is well known in the entertainment world as Akrobeto, a.k.a. who knows tomorrow. He was born on November 18, 1962, in Akyem Ayirebi, Ghana’s Eastern Region. He began his elementary and middle school education at Akyem Ayirebi L/A Primary and Middle School and graduated in 1979. He recently said that he would not have been successful if he had been highly educated. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Akrobeto is your man.




Kofi Adu, often known as Agya Koo, is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. He has acted in over 200 Ghanaian films, including notable films like Obaatanpa, Away Bus, Black Star, and Ma Trick Wo.




The actor, who began his acting career in 2003, has been in several Ghanaian films. He graduated from the College of Arts at the Cabin in Kumasi, but he learnt to paint professionally. He began his education at Kings International School, which is located close Kumasi Airport. He has appeared in almost 70 films alongside his co-star Agya Koo.




He is well-known to moviegoers for his compelling role as a priest in the various Akan films in which he has appeared. People who see his movies have never thought of him as a real pastor since they have never seen him behind the pulpit speaking in public. Other tales include King Aboagye Brenya, Kala Kumasi, and Michael Afrane, among others. Okay, gentlemen, that’s our take. Please share yours in the comments section.





He is one of Ghana’s top Kumawood actors. He excels in every role he is cast in. Lilwin is the owner of Great Minds International School in Kumasi, Ghana’s Ashanti Region. He can perform in both Ghallywood and KUMA WOOD. He named himself Lilwin because he believes people will mistake him for the American rapper Lilwin due to their similar characteristics.





Kwaku Manu’s acting career began in the late 2000s, when he appeared in Kumasi-based films, frequently in funny or hilarious roles. Kwaku Manu rose to notoriety after playing the major role in the film “Village Champion” as Bob Sika. In addition to becoming the village champion, Kwaku Manu has acted in films such as The Man With The Burning First, The Great Battle 2, and Who is Stronger? 3. Kwaku Azonto and The Twin Spirit Kweku Manu has just transitioned from the traditional Kuma wood business to creating comedic skits on his Kwaku TV channel on YouTube.

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