Here are a unit some fun facts that you just most likely did not fathom the one that you love two-wheel friend.

   1.. Wood bikes were a factor once


The first created bike was virtually entirely made from wood, and several other thousand were engineered and used. As you will imagine, its quality dramatically lights once the number of accidents soared – it was prohibited by the police!


  1. The world’s longest bike was 135 feet and 10.7 inches long

The company port and therefore the University of Australian state engineered this bike in 2015. Guinness World Records needed the constructors to prove that the bike may travel a minimum of a hundred meters.


  1. Bikes do not need riders


A bit of athletics science for you: astonishingly, a bicycle will keep upright while not a rider if it is moving at 8mph or quicker.


  1. Cyclist’s area unit cool – truth


A 2014 psychological study found that cyclists tend to prove a novel mix of intelligence, generosity, and therefore the “cool” issue. currently, there is a reason to induce on your bike!


  1. Damien Hirst designed the world’s costliest bike


The most high-ticket bike ever, Damien Hirst’s Trek Madone, or the Butterfly Bike, was auctioned for $500,000 at Sutherby’s.


  1. This bike is world-record-breaking


The largest rideable bicycle has a wheel diameter of three.3 m (10 linear unit 9.92 in) and was engineered by Didi Senft from Deutschland. Gut rematch!


  1. Athletics is thrice quicker than walking


On a bicycle, you will travel thrice quicker than you will walk, for an equivalent quantity of energy. What some way to travel!

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