Felix Kwakye Ofosu (left) & Dr. Mahamdu Bawumia (right)

The former Deputy Minister of Information under Mahama’s administration has once again accused the Vice President Dr. Mahamdu Bawumia for the cedi’s poor performance against major currencies.

The former Minister has urged Ghanaians not to make the mistake again to vote for Dr. Bawumia if the npp manage to elect him as its presidential candidate for the 2024 general election.

The former Minister has encouraged Ghanaians not to commit the error again to decide in favor of Dr. Bawumia if the NPP figure out how to choose him as its official contender for the 2024 general election.

In a tweet seen by Modernghana News, he made sense of that notwithstanding various commitments made while in resistance, the Vice President is yet to convey.

“The cedi now exchanges at 11 to the dollar. More reason why Bawumia must be thrown out in 2024. A complete disaster he has been at the helm of our economy!

With an excerpt of an old statement by the Vice President, “the exchange rate will expose you if your fundamentals are weak,” he tweeted ” how time has discredited and exposed him! How the exchange rate is laughing at Bawumia after his mediocre performance belied his talk.”

Ghana’s local currency has endured significantly, presently exchanging over GHS11 per dollar, causing gigantic misfortunes for the majority neighborhood organizations.

It was as of late positioned as the world’s most terrible performing money, following just the Sri Lankan Rupee.

Likewise, the nation experienced generally high buyer expansion of over 34% in August, bringing about an exclusive expectation of living and cost expansions in everyday labor and products.

According to the Bretton Wood institution’s October 2022 Africa Pulse Report, Ghana food prices have since January 1, 2022, gone up by 122%. The country is then ranked 1st by the World Bank with the highest food prices in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2022.

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