“I Know How It Feels…”: Kanye West Compares Adidas Split To George Floyd’s Death


Kanye West prompted a backlash earlier when he suggested that George Floyd’s death was related to drugs rather than police brutality.

'I Know How It Feels...': Kanye West Compares Adidas Split To George Floyd's Death

Kanye West reportedly lost $1 billion in deals as a result of his anti-Semitic meltdown.

American rapper Kanye West, who has been under fire for his anti-semitic remarks amid the ongoing “White Lives Matter” controversy, has yet again made a controversial statement. Speaking to Los Angeles paparazzi on Friday, the rapper and entrepreneur, who legally changed his name to Ye a year ago, compared the blowback from his constant stream of hate speech to the killing of George Floyd.


Mr West told the reporters that his recent loss of a sneaker contract with Adidas was comparable to the death of George Floyd, who was asphyxiated when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin placed a knee on his neck for nearly 10 minutes. Notably, he had previously said that Mr Floyd wasn’t murdered and died of an overdose.

As per New York Post, now, Mr West said, “So when I said that and I and I and I questioned the death of George Floyd, it hurt my people; it hurt the black people”. He added, “So I wanna apologize to hurting them because right now God has shown me by what Adidas is doing and by what, by what the media is doing, I know how it feels to have a knee on my neck now.”


Further, the Grammy Award winner also expressed gratitude to God for “humbling” him and letting him know “how it really felt”. “Because how could the richest Black [man] ever be humbled other than to be made to not be a billionaire in front of everyone off one comment,” he stated as per the outlet.

Mr West’s statement comes after Adidas cut ties with him over his anti-semitic comments. The company announced that it ended its nine-year partnership with his Yeezy brand of products.

The former presidential candidate also lost deals with other brands, including Gap and Balenciaga. He has reportedly lost $1 billion in deals as a result of his anti-semitic meltdown.

Last week, Mr West also took to Instagram to complain that his empire was crumbling. He wrote, “The ‘unknown powers’ are trying to destroy my life off of a tweet so does this prove that my so-called suspicion was true? Leading with love. This is love speech”. Mr West also demanded to inspect the agreements, referring to numerous lucrative deals that have fallen through due to his continued attacks on the Jewish community.

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