Nigerian police have captured a 44-year-elderly person for supposed robbery of 15 youngsters in the southern Rivers state.

The police say the youngsters were stole to be dealt by the lady – who professed to be a religious woman running a halfway house.

The youngsters are apparently matured somewhere in the range of four and 15 years.

The police said they were attempting to rejoin the youngsters with their folks.

State Commissioner of Police, Friday Eboka, said examinations uncovered that some had been kidnapped a long time back, including a nine-year-old kid who had been taken from a market in 2020.

He expressed a portion of the youngsters had described to the police their encounters of torment and abuse.

He said a further test into the episode was continuous so as to capture different suspects connected to the violations.

Illegal exploitation is normal in Nigeria.

Source: myjoyonline

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