If there is one massive affiliate promoting mistake, you will be able to build in 2020, it is not following your links.

Marketing coaches are harped on this for years; however, most marketers still manage to skip this important step.

Tracking links helps you to:

  1. Know what keywords convert best
  2. Track what pages herald the foremost revenue (so you will be able to produce additional like them)
  3. Analyze that promoting channels deliver the simplest ROI.
  4. Detect whether or not any fraud affiliate corporation’s area unit mistreatment your traffic while not crediting your sales

Simply put affiliate promoting while not link following is like shooting darts from two hundred feet whereas unsighted and spinning in a circle.


How To Track Your Links.


Tracking links want to be a giant pain within the butt. you always had to manage spreadsheets with individual links, then track their progress manually.  

Follow these steps to trace your affiliate links:


  1. Install Thirsty Affiliates: this can be a FREE plugin for following and cloaking affiliate links in WordPress. Install it from your WordPress dashboard, or grab a duplicate from here.
  2. Install the Thirsty Affiliates Stats add-on: this can be a paid add-on for Thirsty Affiliates. It adds crucial link following and clicks on statistics to the plugin. You get time-period information, deep traffic analytics for individual links, and larva filtering. If you are serious regarding the following links, you would wish to shop for this add-on.
  3. Add following IDs to your links in Thirsty Affiliates: Once you have put in the stats add-on, add a singular following ID to affiliate links. try and keep these IDs short and simply recognizable, for instance, “woot” for a Woo Themes link, “press” for a Studio Press link.
  4. Create as several links as you would like, then use them in your content: Once you have created your affiliate links with the following IDs, you will be able to begin mistreatment them in your content directly.

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