The anti-cheating headgears were made by the students of mechanical engineering at the Bicol University College of Engineering in the Philippines.

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Exam halls are usually stoic and serious. But students at Bicol University College of Engineering in Legazpi city of Philippines have made taking tests a bit more colourful.

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The students of mechanical engineering at the university took it upon themselves to create interesting headgear that would prevent them from peeking into each other’s papers while directing all focus on their own answer sheets.

The request for an ‘anti-cheating’ hat was made by Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, a professor at the college, who had asked students to make simple ones out of paper but they came up with highly creative versions.

Much to the professor’s surprise, the students turned up with full face masks, homemade helmets, binoculars-style gear made of paper, and elaborate hats. Some even wore paper bags over their heads with cutouts for their eyes. Many of these headgears were improvised out of material such as egg boxes or leftover cardboard.

Mandane-Ortiz shared pictures of these interesting headgear on her Facebook account and soon they went viral.

She told the BBC that this idea to ensure “integrity and honesty” in the mid-term exams that were held in the third week of October turned out to be “really effective”. She added her students performed better this year as they were motivated to prepare hard because of the strict examination conditions and stringent anti-cheating rules.

Before this, similar but less colourful anti-cheating hats were seen in a school in China’s Anhui province. The simple headgears made by creating skull-sized holes in newspapers that the students then adjusted on their heads had made the news.




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